Poem 14 – Day 14

Another day, another poem:


Coming full circle

I’m returning to the start

Back where I began


Plans changed again

A truly endless cycle

Of indecision


I’ve made my choice now

The choice that I made at first

A new journey starts


Poem 13 – Day 13

Hey, this poem is being posted from the mobile app, so I have no idea how formatting will be…


A rush of people
Moments slide by
Events pass quickly
Everything moves
Nothing static
Each day flows to the next
Catch the scenes as they drift on
Cling to your island of immobility
Hold on to who you are
Let go and it will be lost
Pulled into the maelstrom
Of life

Poem 12 – Day 12

Here’s today’s, late at night as usual:

Emotions in sound

Themes profound

Echoes through time

Memories abound


Hear the bell chime

Singers rhyme

Melodies flow

Higher they climb


Dynamics grow

Reach a plateau

Hit the peak

Yet still they go


Voices grow weak

And with barely a squeak,

To home they sneak,

To home they sneak.

Poem 11 – Day 11

Eek! Sneaking this in at very much the last minute, but here it is:

Thunder overhead

The sky turns from blue to black

Soon the rain will come


The rain hits my skin

Soaking me with its wet warmth

I bask in the storm


Sifting through the fog

Memories come like raindrops

A constant deluge


Unpleasant wetness

Overcome by soothing warmth

Not all rain is bad

Poem 9 – Day 9

A little late in the day, but better late than never. A little darker than I intended, but that’s what I get for writing later at night:



The world moves on.

Each moment flashing by

Instant by instant,

Second by second.

You might grasp at it,

attempting to slow or speed its passage.

But time is ever moving,

Uncaring to your desires.

Your wishes for suffering to pass swiftly.

Your desire for bliss to linger.

Time does not care.

It only moves on,

Never halting.

Never changing pace.

Like a train on a long journey,

It moves on eternally.

We know not its destination.

As passengers on the train,

We ride along quietly

Hopping on before jumping off at our journey’s end.

We cannot change the train’s path.

We cannot stop it.

We can only ride along.


Poem 8 – Day 8

Here’s today’s, a little more back on the theme of confusion:



Long ago I came upon two roads,

Diverged in a yellow wood.

Thinking smartly,

I took the road less traveled by.

I followed for the longest time,

Felling sure in my choice,

Until the road joined another,

One more worn from frequent travel.

It was the road from before,

Met again by my road,

and following this new path,

I found myself in a clearing.

The roads ended,

leaving me without a trail forward.

Looking into the woods,

I could see faint markings,

On trees and in the grass,

Of those who had gone before me.

To go forth, they had abandoned the path,

forging their own way.

It did not matter which road they took,

In the end, they made their own.

Two roads,

Diverged in a yellow wood,

And I took the one less traveled by.

And in the end,

I will make my own.